See what some of our customers have to say about working with us:

Once again, I have really enjoyed working with you guys. As my Program Manager, you made this tour run smooth. I have worked for many companies, and none have handled problems or stress as good as Aardvark has. You guys never freak out, I never freak out, and that keeps things looking perfect in the eyes of the client.

PatrickProgram Manager

In the crux of a potential problem that could have shut down a major tour—you were right there within minutes with a great solution to a rather uncommon problem. Your level of dedication and professionalism is a true testament to the great people in the event marketing business. I would never hesitate to utilize your incredible services at a moment’s notice.

SteveTransportation & Logistics Manager

I enjoyed the entire experience working with the Aardvark team. They over-delivered on every aspect of the job, from wrapping our tour bus to being flexible with our schedule and showing up at our first tour date to ensure everything was running smoothly. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

JuddExecutive Integrated Producer

I was given a very last minute program by a client, and decided to give Aardvark a try. They were very responsive to my program needs, and had a vehicle, crew and logistics nailed down in less than a week. In addition, our tour ended up having some scheduling issues with make-up dates and weather, which extended our tour by a couple of weeks. The Aardvark team was able to make the necessary adjustments to keep our multi-city tour operating smoothly. Given another project opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to give Aardvark a call again.

VinceSr. Director of Experiential Marketing

Aardvark came through for us on all facets; they provided an incredible trailer with a fully functional commercial grade kitchen and outdoor kitchen/stage set, along with signage and wrapping the trailer to the highest standards. Our client loved the trailer design, along with the celebrity chefs that cooked in the kitchen as they always said how functional the mobile kitchen was for their needs. Aardvark came through for us and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them for future programs.

RobAccount Director

Aardvark drivers are consummate professionals. They are intuitive industry veterans that ‘get it’. Our company utilizes cutting edge technology that is custom built from the ground-up. We need intelligent, thinking people that can traverse between, technology, driving and consumer interaction. Aardvark provides us with this triple threat.


I’ve collaborated with Aardvark on several levels. In two instances, they were able to do something I was not–sell my custom-designed mobile marketing trailers to brands in need. They acted (incredibly) professionally ‘in the middle’ serving as my selling agent, and were able to get very near to my ‘ask.’ Next, I have been able to turn to them with a specific client project, in search of a piece of equipment that would align with both the need and the budget. And, similarly, they were able to accommodate. I don’t honestly know of anyone else in our industry who can buy, sell and produce (tours) as they can. Best of all, when I met them I was a ‘competitor.’ Within months, they converted me into not only a friend, but a VERY satisfied ‘believer.’


I wanted to thank you for all your help on the logistics of the tour these past few months. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we will get the opportunity to work together again in the near future. Also, I mentioned to your driver what a great job he did during the tour and wanted to say the same to you. He was truly a pleasure to work with and went way above and beyond to make the tour the success that it was. I would give him my highest recommendation for future projects.

AlexAccount Manager

It’s a pleasure working with the Aardvark team. From the vehicle selection process to the ongoing customer service, their team can’t be beat. I will work with Aardvark Event Logistics again and I suggest you do the same.