Peace of Mind

I was given a very last minute program by a client, and decided to give Aardvark a try. They were very responsive to my program needs, and had a vehicle, crew and logistics nailed down in less than a week. In addition, our tour ended up having some scheduling issues with make-up dates and weather, which extended our tour by a couple of weeks. The Aardvark team was able to make the necessary adjustments to keep our multi-city tour operating smoothly. Given another project opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to give Aardvark a call again.

VinceSr. Director of Experiential Marketing

Why peace of mind?

When we asked our customers to describe the feeling they got working with Aardvark, a common thread emerged. Here’s some of what they said: Relief. Trust. Comfort. No more worry. Peace of mind was the overwhelming notion that caught our attention. They were definitely onto something.

When you hire Aardvark, you get peace of mind in many different forms. Here are just a few of them:
  • Peace of mind that your drivers and tour managers will be trained properly.
  • Peace of mind that your vehicle’s D.O.T. will be handled correctly and that your fleet insurance will cover the right risks.
  • Peace of mind that we have warehouses all over the country and can get your tour assets and premiums to you wherever you are.
  • Peace of mind that if your truck breaks down while en-route to your next event, we’ll get it fixed quickly and moving again without skipping a beat.
  • Peace of mind that the equipment you buy or rent from us is in the best condition and is being cared for by a top fleet manager.
  • Peace of mind that your tour will get to its events on time and that our experts will see to it that everything runs smoothly.
  • Peace of mind that no matter what, you have a team of over 215 industry professionals that is always available to you, working around the clock on your behalf.
We are in the business of mobile tours, and peace of mind is just one more service that we offer.