We’re Flexible!

Aardvark helped to perfectly position WHotel’s yoga program.

Our Customer

The Brand

To promote their new in-room yoga program, W Hotels literally took their show on the road. They wanted to put celebrity yoga instructor, Tara Stiles, in our glass box truck and drive it around NYC as she demonstrated yoga poses inside!

To make it happen, the experiential marketing experts at Aardvark provided a beautiful, freshly painted glass truck and wrapped it in high-res exterior graphics. We also supplied an experienced driver and provided insurance, expense management and logistical support. Most importantly, at our customer’s request, we agreed to have the interior built at their favorite fabricator in New York.

Our engineers worked closely with their builder to ensure everything stayed put as the truck traveled down the road. And all on a super-tight deadline. As any yoga instructor or Aardvark client will tell you, it’s all about being flexible.

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