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Aardvark customized a truck to create the American Express Fan Van and get Golden State Warriors fans involved in the game.

Our Customer

The Brand

As a proud partner of the Golden State Warriors basketball team, American Express asked experiential marketing agency Momentum Worldwide for ideas to get Warriors fans involved in the game. The answer was the American Express Fan Van – a total W for event marketing!

Momentum challenged us to design the van so a basketball hoop would emerge from it – at regulation height – with the push of a button. To achieve that 10-foot height, we had to cut the top rail of the truck, something we try to avoid since it can weaken a truck’s frame. But our engineers figured out a solution and our shop geniuses fabricated it.

Next, we made customized shot clocks that counted up, instead of down, to track the number of shots fans made. Then we installed a sound-attenuated generator, designed and built a custom sound system with multiple microphones, customized the interior of the van to safely hold the assets of the tour during travel, and printed and installed a super high resolution graphics wrap.

Once production was complete, Aardvark’s driver hit the road and was on hand to assist Momentum’s Tour Manager and his team wherever they needed help. He kept the truck sparkling clean, including the tires, so it always looked perfect. Aardvark also handled all of the insurance, expense management, DOT and related logistics. Yeah, we got game.

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