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We helped Crispin Porter put Aspen Dental’s oral-care office on the road to provide free dental care to Veterans across the country.

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The next time you visit the dentist, consider all of the technology involved. X-ray machines. Electric drills. Little sinks with swirling water. Now imagine putting all of that – plus a waiting room – on the road. That was Aspen Dental’s goal, a national network of dental offices that wanted to provide free dental care to Veterans across the country. Think it can’t be done? Welcome to the beauty of experiential marketing.

Aardvark achieved that dream by creating a truly immersive mobile marketing experience, the MouthMobile: a fully equipped dental office on wheels. Our engineers equipped the MouthMobile with two complete exam rooms, dental chairs, x-ray machines with lead-lined safety walls, a suction/vacuum machine, air compressor, autoclave, and custom designed water, waste and biohazard systems. We added a secure wired and wireless network with LTE capability, and installed a wheelchair lift to make the MouthMobile fully accessible. To power it all we squeezed a powerful diesel generator under the truck, then we buffered all of the machinery to minimize noise.

When the MouthMobile was ready to roll, Aspen Dental decided they didn’t want the hassle of registering, titling and insuring the truck. Not a problem. We simply leased it back from them and took care of everything, including $25 million of insurance. We also provide an experienced CDL driver, plus D.O.T., fleet management, and logistical support.  This program has been so successful it’s now in its 4th year and still going strong.

Crispin Porter and Aspen Dental told us it’s the nicest mobile dental vehicle they had ever seen. They also reminded us to floss regularly and brush after every meal. That made us smile.

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