Driving To The Basket

Aardvark takes the wheel for agency 94by50 and their client Nike.

Our Customer

The Brand

Nike had a bus. A big, beautiful bus all tricked out for the World Basketball Festival in New York City. The challenge was getting it safely to NYC from California, and then maintaining it for the length of the festival. And that’s why Nike’s agency called us. Aardvark provided a Class B CDL driver to drive the bus across the country, and then to various locations around New York City for the festival. Our man, an experienced pro, kept the bus meticulously clean and operational every day of the festival, and was always there to handle any problems that might arise. Meanwhile, Aardvark was hard at work behind the scenes, arranging all of the insurance, permitting, expense management, overnight storage, and D.O.T. requirements. Lots of planning and a mountain of details, but in the end a slam dunk.

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