Taste the Feeling!

Hot Streets. Cold Drinks. A Match Made in Mobile Tour Heaven.

Our Customer

The Brand

When Octagon wanted to hit the streets of Chicago guerilla style, they turned to Aardvark to build the most efficient sampling truck of its kind. Free stuff? That might be everyone’s favorite experiential marketing strategy!

We designed and built a food truck capable of storing over 5,000 bottles on ice and able to heat over 3,000 Coke-infused treats prepared by a chef at a commissary. We then calibrated our HD graphics printing machines to print Coca Cola red and used the best 3M materials to print a wrap ice so real, you got thirsty just looking at it.

We then staffed the tour with one of our top tour managers, provided insurance, D.O.T. and logistical management, and our experiential marketing experts helped Coke spread happiness on the streets of Chicago all summer long.

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