A Great Escape

Aardvark mobilized GTL to showcase its high-end correctional solutions.

Our Customer

It’s tough getting out of jail, even if you’re an administrator interested in seeing the latest prison technologies. That was the problem facing GTL, a leader in correctional technology solutions. The answer? Create a mobile demonstration and sales center that would travel to trade shows and correctional facilities to close deals. It was a great idea, but GTL didn’t know where to start, considering this wouldn’t be any old pop-up event.  The experiential marketing experts at Aardvark showed them a way out!

Then we designed a custom mobile sales center experience that took prison officials on the “prisoner journey,” from intake to release. Our fabricators took over from there, installing a full technology demo center inside a custom-built tour bus. We also provided an experienced driver, handled all the logistics, and planned an efficient route to visit trade shows, jails and prisons.

The GTL mobile sales center proved to be such an effective tool that GTL ordered a second one, just four weeks after the first bus hit the road. All in all it was a breakout performance!

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