Case Studies

How many tour vendors can say they’ve launched 17 programs in 17 markets all on the same day? Aardvark can.

For us, every job is a custom job. Whether you need a vehicle graphic wrap, a design built from scratch, a complete tour staffed, or fleet assistance, our Swiss army knife of services is an invaluable, custom tool set for your tour. The tours we take on run the gamut, from 1-week tours to 5-year tours, and everything in between.

The following case studies show you how it all comes together with a closer look at some of the truly inspiring work we’ve been a part of. Feel free to browse, take notes, and get inspired.

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GTL trade show

A Great Escape

It’s tough getting out of jail, even if you’re an administrator interested in seeing the latest prison technologies. That was the problem facing GTL, a leader in correctional technology solutions. The answer? Create a mobile demonstration and sales center that would travel to trade shows and correctional facilities to close deals.

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nascar bumper cars

Steering Clear

Aardvark’s design and fabrication capabilities are second to none. But there are times when our planning, management and logistics skills are what the customer needs. That was the case with Civic Entertainment, who needed help with their NBC Sports Bumper Car promotion.

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uber truck

Taken For a Ride

To promote their new sci-fi series, “Colony,” at Comic-Con in San Diego, USA Networks wanted to give folks a lift. Their plan was to partner with Uber and provide rides to attendees to and from their hotels in specially customized vehicles, and they asked Aardvark to make it happen.

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Hair Care Consultations

When agency Mirrorball needed a fully functional, transportable beauty salon in just two weeks for their client L’Oreal, Aardvark put on its game face. Working with Mirrorball’s production team, we fabricated an elegant exhibit that would look right at home at Neiman Marcus.

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aspen dentist

High Speed Drill

The next time you visit the dentist, consider all of the technology involved. X-ray machines. Electric drills. Little sinks with swirling water. Now imagine putting all of that – plus a waiting room – on the road. That was the goal of Aspen Dental, a national network of dental offices that wanted to provide free dental care to Veterans across the country.

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fan van

Nothing But Net

As a proud partner of the Golden State Warriors basketball team, American Express asked Momentum Worldwide for ideas to get Warriors fans involved in the game. The answer was the American Express Fan Van.

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hotel bed

Staying Flexible

To promote their new in-room yoga program, W Hotels literally took their show on the road. They wanted to put celebrity yoga instructor, Tara Stiles, in a glass walled mobile hotel room, and drive it around NYC as she demonstrated yoga poses inside!

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nike basketball

Driving To The Basket

Nike had a bus. A big, beautiful bus all tricked out for the World Basketball Festival in New York City. The challenge was getting it safely to NYC from California, and then maintaining it for the length of the festival.

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coke tour

Coke Tour

When Octagon wanted to hit the streets of Chicago guerilla style, they turned to Aardvark to build the most efficient sampling truck of its kind.

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